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Brandon Outlaw at The Money Multiplier
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Brandon Outlaw

I was raised in the heart of lovely Atlanta. My bachelor’s degree is in business administration from North Carolina Central University where I attended on a football scholarship. I was introduced to the method of personal banking back in 2015. Prior to hearing about the concept I had taken some riskier investments in hopes for financial boost, some profitable and some not so much. For me the concept was presented with enough facts backing it that made may think to myself, “if I can take risky investments where my money isn’t guaranteed to be returned then how can I possibly do myself a disservice of not taking this more secured chance?” Needless to say to day I am still rolling and the rest is history.

Since then I became addicted to it in a way and dove in to researching it and reading any and everything that I could on this system. That’s when I knew that this concept had a bigger purpose for me in my life. I spent four years in sales and finance in the automotive industry. The motto the attributed to my great success in the automotive industry was “Making the deal while making a difference.” Teaching this personal banking system allows me to do that on a whole new level. I own multiple policies within my personal banking system which allowed me to become debt free in a fraction of the time that I expected, fund investment projects, and increase my financial conscious to teach my family and clients the truth about money to get them off of the hamster wheel and create generational wealth and leave a legacy for years to come.

I feel that the school system teaches us to work for money, but fails to teach us how to make our money work for us! That is the key difference between those that are wealthy vs. those that are not so much. I truly believe that we all have the same opportunities, but some have access to information that many others just aren’t aware of. It’s my goal to help close the gap between the haves and the have not’s and this concept is the first level to doing just that!

My mission is to live in a positive mental state and be highly engaged and motivated to make a deal while making a difference through love, leadership, empathy, and compassion to attain infinite inner peace and prosperity along with great health, wealth, and fortune.

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