Let’s talk about what your “insurance guy” said.  At the outset of beginning The Money Multiplier Method, many members and potential members second-guess everything their Mentor tells them. In any area of life, when we are challenged to a new way of looking at something old, our minds try to balance, or even worse, protect our original way of understanding.

With that said, let’s talk about what your “insurance guy” said about things and compare them to what we are all about.

Locking in a Death Benefit

The first thing your “insurance guy” may have talked about is securing a death benefit for you and your loved ones.  Of course, whole life insurance, being a traditional product, does carry a death benefit (although we barely mention it). It is very important to protect your loved ones against income losses at the “graduation” of the insured. The new way of looking at The Method will help you plainly see two distinct things: first, your need for financing life’s purchases is much larger than your need for a death benefit, and second, when employing your money to work for you in The Method, the death benefit will be much larger than you’d ever have at the point when “graduation” is most likely to occur. Compare The Method to what your “insurance guy” said, and you’ll plainly see how much better you’ll come ahead with The Money Multiplier banking system.

Guaranteed Retirement Income

Guaranteed retirement income is a great thing, right!? Your “insurance guy” may have tried, and even succeeded, in helping you secure a guaranteed amount of cash to withdraw from your whole life insurance policies at a specific retirement age in the distant future. That’s all good. Now, let’s compare that with The Method we teach, and ask a few questions. Could you use any of that “retirement” money now? Do you have purchases (or debts) to pay for today? Would you be interested in having a guaranteed income in the future and cash now? If you store and stock up cash for the future, isn’t it worth less because of inflation? Your answers to these, and other questions will at least help you realize that you can have your cake now and eat it too (in “retirement”) with The Method’s banking system.

Investing in the Market

Many financial “gurus” out there and maybe even our friendly “insurance guy” will talk all day about potential gains in the market. There are several insurance-based products out there that put a portion, or all of your money, in differing markets. Most commonly, you’ll hear the words; “variable,” “index,” and “universal” attached to life insurance policy names.  To be clear: all of those products contain an element of risk and/or potential surrender of value. It’s also important to note that our company and Mentors will not suggest that you don’t put your money into investment vehicles, should that be where you want your dollars to go. What we will say to you is the 200+ year old system that we teach, has never lost money for any person practicing it. We will also say that conventional banks – the one’s that own trillions of dollars in whole life insurance – do not put their money into your “insurance guy’s” product offerings that are market-based.  It’s very important to understand that The Method is not an investment.

Call our office or drop your Mentor a line and be sure you are clear on the differences between your friend the “insurance guy” and your partners at The Money Multiplier.


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