Many of us would say 2020 was a disaster, and change is welcome in 2021. In some ways, we would be right.

But even though we’re all spending this holiday season a little differently than usual, I’m still grateful for it all. The lessons learned this year, the hard choices many of us have had to make, the unique challenges we’ve all had to face, it’s propelled us into the unknown, which I have come to welcome as I get on in my years. 

Without knowing it, we get comfortable. And when we get comfortable we stop changing and growing. We stop seeking truth and we give ourselves up to chance instead of seeking our own path. 

The hardships we’ve all faced, some more than others, have pushed us to the edge.

But instead of thinking like the victim, let’s think like the victor.

Change “This horrible thing happened to me,” to “I got to experience something that opened my eyes.”

And change “I am ready for this year to be over,” to “I’m thankful for every breath I take.”

Change “I went through the ringer this year” to “The challenges that came my way were great opportunities to learn something new.”

change to resilience

I can’t tell you how many people I met this year whose finances were shaken. So many people weren’t able to make ends meet, which caused a lot of suffering. But you know what good came out of that? Those people started searching for answers and they found The Money Multiplier Method. And now those people have hope. Those people have a plan for the future where they are in control of their money and they will be forevermore, no matter what happens from here on out.

Had they not experienced hardship and that uncomfortable feeling of losing control, they would have never had a reason to make a change.

So let me ask you something:

What will it take for you to make a change? Whatever that tipping point is for you, we will be here when you need us, when your family needs us, and when your future needs us.

And when you are ready, please visit and watch the presentation that appears.

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