Dawn Levis

Dawn Levis


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My whole life all I ever wanted was to have kids & be a mom! But I learned at a young age, that biologically that wasn’t possible! My 2nd dream was to be in communications. Well, that didn’t happen either! Crazy thing is, God had WAY MORE! At the age of 34 my amazing Husband John Levis & I adopted a sibling group of 3. He has a son who was 15 when John & I got married. I had no idea, that God really wanted me to help many people, and instead at 35 I went to college to get a degree in Business. I had been with Wal-Mart for 15 years working my way up and in 2008 when I left the company, it was over 28 stores and over 1200 employees. I was responsible for over a Billion in budgeting as well as HR responsibilities for a large group.

Now, here is where the story really begins: after a year and a half of being a mom, my month kept going yet the money didn’t. See when we adopted those kids I quit my job! So, I started looking for something I could do from home so I would not miss anything. I was introduced to Sales, where It wasn’t how much time, but the true relationships and value you add to peoples lives that matters. I found that I indeed did have a TRUE communications Job!

Four years ago, the Infinite banking system came into our lives. We bought the books but didn’t read them. In fact, it went on a shelf, until 2018 when the words came back to haunt us- and we actually learned what we had missed. But like the Chinese proverb says, “When is the best time to plant a Tree? 20 years ago. When is the 2nd best-time? Today!”

We are extremely passionate about helping families like ours to become debt free, to break that cycle of paying others before themselves. Partnering with Brent Kesler is going to allow my family to help so many other families, and protecting what means the most- those they love.