Oftentimes, we want to share the good information we have with those we love. We want them to experience the same success we have. But this can be tricky to navigate when it comes to IBC. It’s a total paradigm shift that doesn’t usually happen in one, two, or even three conversations about IBC. It’s more complicated than that.

I’m not saying keep it a secret.

I’m simply saying there’s a better way to handle this transfer of information. You must remember, this information is not what they’ve been taught about money. It’s not what your parents or grandparents have been taught about money. It’s an outside-the-box concept. 

Instead of directly sharing what I know about IBC, I would instead direct my family and friends to watch the full 90-minute Money Multiplier Presentation. I guarantee, once they watch that video they will understand why explaining the concept in a 15 or 20 minute video just wouldn’t have worked. 

And once they watch that video, I would then get on a call or meet for coffee to talk about the questions they have.

It’s a disservice to people when we try to do this any other way.

In fact, it’s a disservice to us as the messenger to do transfer this information any other way, too. Don’t think you can convince someone, especially someone close to you, in one single conversation that this one simple change could change everything for them. And don’t just dump all the information you possibly know all at one time, either. Always, always, always direct them to the video. Encourage them. Be supportive, but most importantly, be patient. Many people come to this on their own time, not yours. And oftentimes it can take months or even years for them to break through.

Lead the horse to water. If they choose not to drink, the only person they’ll be hurting is him- or herself. 

This kind of freedom, financial freedom, may initially cost 90 minutes of their time, but it’s well worth it. And eventually, they will see that, too.

If you have someone who is willing to watch the video, or you yourself want to watch or re-watch it, please do so here: www.TheMoneyMultiplier.com/member-area. Then, give my team and I a call at 386-456-9335 or email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.