“I don’t have enough money to get started with the Infinite Banking concept.”

This statement tells me two things: 

  1. You don’t yet understand the Infinite Banking Concept.
  2. You have more reason than most to get started with this process.

Your Mindset

Stop looking at it as a “payment” when you “pay” your premium. Yes, it is a payment and you are paying a premium, but you have to look at it, instead, as a deposit. 

How can it be a deposit if you’re required to pay an amount? Well, it is going into an account you control. And if it’s going into an account you control, is it treated more like a payment or a deposit?

That’s right, a deposit. And have you ever made too many deposits into your bank account? No, never. 

backwards bicycleSo that’s the first thing. You have to get your mindset right. If you need a little assistance opening yourself up to new possibilities, such as the possibilities of Infinite Banking, I suggest you view this quick 7-minute video on YouTube about the backwards bike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFzDaBzBlL0

That will get your mind right. 

So for the people who say they don’t have enough money to get started, you have to start changing your habits of what you’re doing with your money and your finances.

The Current State of Things

Let’s just think about what we do with our money right now. The thing that we do anytime that dollars come into us, whether from our job, active income, passive income, investment income, any time we get money in, we deposit that into the conventional bank of the town that we live in, right? Like the Bank of Florida, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, wherever you’re putting your money.

And the thing you do is you put your money into someone else’s bank. The bankers, then, take your money and they lend it out to you and they make a living off of that money you leave there. 

So you have to start becoming the banker in your life.You have to put money in your own bank (ie. your policy).

Now, let’s talk about how you spend your money. I’m not talking about WHAT you buy. I care about HOW you buy it. 

backwards bicycleLet’s look at the example of buying a car. I don’t care if you pay cash, finance, or lease it. In all three of those scenarios, you’re giving YOUR money to the car dealership. They then give you the car. They’ve got the money, you’ve got the car. At that point the transaction is over and everyone walks away happy. 

Or are you happy? Are you happy that the money you just spent is gone forever? Are you happy that each payment that you make towards the purchase of that car has left your family forever? No, that wouldn’t make anyone happy. 

Instead, you should be paying yourself first.

Does that mean maybe you have to cut out the cup of Starbucks coffee you buy every day? Or maybe the pack of cigarettes that you smoke? Or give up the fast food you purchase on your way home from the office? If the alternative is that you don’t start your policy and never become truly financially free, then yes, you may have to consider doing those things and more.

You’ve got to be paying yourself first. And by first I mean putting into your policy that you control. Then from your policy, you’re going to pay the debts and expenses that you already have. 

So I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but yes, you want to put the money into your policy before you begin paying your debts and expenses. 

Now, obviously you have to pay the minimum payment on any debt and expense that you have. However, I would really think twice about paying more than that minimum payment so you can get that money into your policy first.

You have to pay yourself first. 

So when you tell me that you can’t afford it, then you’re looking at it completely wrong. And if you’re not willing to make a change and pay yourself first, then you might as well go to the back yard, take a shovel, dig a hole, climb in that hole, and have someone cover you up because you are going to be a slave to your finances and that hole will just keep getting deeper and deeper. 

If you don’t start doing something different, then you’re going to continue to keep getting what you’ve been getting. If you know what’s really going on with your money, you will know the right thing to do for yourself and for your family.

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