John Clark

John Clark

Application Specialist

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John was born in Indiana and after High School he joined the Air Force in 1981. He served as a Personnel Noncommissioned Officer for 20 plus years. He met his wife at his first duty station and they served all their tours at the same locations: Omaha NE, Randolph AFB,TX, Izmir Turkey, Ramstein AFB, Germany,  and finished his service at Lackland AFB, TX. He spent 10 years in Cole Camp, MO as a Service Manager with a GM Dealership.

John and is family moved back to Indiana to be around and involved in the life of his parents, brothers, sisters and grandchildren.  John has a degree in Business Administration. He Truly believes in helping individuals versus leaving them to figure it out on their own.  He is excited to help serve you as part of The Money Multiplier Team.