Landon Cheben

Landon Cheben


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Landon is a native to the Nashville area, and an avid IBC educator. With a background in the military, Landon graduated from West Point in 2010 where he commissioned as an Army Officer flying Blackhawk helicopters. He went on to attend Ranger school, then fly for the renowned “Night Stalkers” before transitioning out of the military. Landon is currently flying as First Officer at Frontier Airlines, serving as a Major in the National Guard, actively investing in real estate renovation projects, as well as serving in the church and other various non-profits.  

Landon heard about the Infinite Banking Concept from Brent at a real estate conference in 2019, and has been utilizing his policies to be his own banker since! He has a heart for helping others and a passion for educating people on the power of IBC to pursue generational wealth and establish a Legacy. Landon has teamed up with Jeremy Huggins with The Legacy Project, where they travel the country to educate the masses on how to take back control of their money and pursue a meaningful Legacy! RLTW! NSDQ!