Luke Medico

Luke Medico


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Luke started out his professional career teaching in Center City Philadelphia. After 11 years of having the privilege and luxury of wearing sweatpants to work every day, he made the choice in 2015 to follow his passion in the real estate industry where he was able to create a portfolio of 50+ rental units, fix and flip 5-10 homes each year, and run a small real estate team.

Luke’s true passion is teaching, facilitating, and helping others. This passion has taken many different forms throughout his life and continues to evolve even to this day. Luke stumbled across the benefits of properly structured Whole Life policies by accident over a decade ago when he opened his first policy. To him it just looked like a glorified savings account.  When he met Chris for the first time and he dove into the how to utilize the Money Multiplier Method, he knew he not only needed to restructure how he utilized money within his real estate business, he needed to help as many people as possible do the same! To be able to continue to educate and help people change their lives by taking control of their money is an absolute joy!