Mara Ream

Mara Ream


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Mara Ream is a professional in the financial industry and has been for over 12 years. In 2002 she started her own judgment recovery company and became a licensed debt collector in the state of Idaho. Because of her experiences doing this, Mara saw firsthand the strain financial hardships can place on families, relationships and personal esteem. This inspired her to assist people who were facing the threat of losing their homes, through loan modifications and short sales, making it possible for families to remain in their homes. Mara participates in many aspects of the trade, including experience as a Title Escrow Officer, a Loan Officer and is currently contracted as a Home Retention Specialist for Morrison Law Group, one of the largest statewide bankruptcy and debt relief law firms in the state of Utah.

Because of her concern to help those in financial distress, she has created “Why I Budget”. This program is geared towards motivating others to discover awareness of their situation, inspire them to take action by creating a clear financial future and educating on how personal flow of money works. Her passion and motto for the last 5 years has been “Freeing Families from Financial Failure”.

Discovering my “WHY” was one of my biggest struggles, it’s also the greatest joy I can now give others.