Mark Brumbaugh

Mark Brumbaugh


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Starting at 18, I began working in the construction industry. At 19, I bought a 4-unit apartment property. Then I proceeded to make the typical bad financial decisions most young people with little financial intelligence or guidance make.

I found the love of my life, Rachel at 22. We were married with two wonderful toddlers all within three years. We worked our way out of my prior bad financial decisions for several years. I then discovered one of my hobbies, trading commodities. I decided my path to a trading account of any significant size would need to come from my construction related earnings. We moved twelve times in our first twelve years of marriage because of our buying or building homes then selling them for a profit.

I have been involved in the auto sales, bodywork and salvage business. Rachel and I were also involved in a few network marketing companies over the years. We have always seem to have some investment real estate. After several good years following the housing crash in the late 2000s. I was seriously looking for something to replace my income from my business development and building residential homes.

My wife Rachel and I started with the infinite banking method around three years ago for our family. The Infinite Banking Concept has been the opportunity that I could be passionate about, implement myself and with the help of The Money Multiplier team effectively enable others to start their very own banking system! It is so fulfilling helping others break the cycle of a life of trading their time for what others choose they do. After a few years of allowing their banking system to grow they can spend all of their days any way they choose!