How’d You Like The Marival Residences for The Mexico Mastermind December 6-10?

First off, the resort was awesome and the weather was perfect, considering that where I am from in Atlanta we probably experienced the most snow in the past decade at least. The mix of people in the group couldn’t have gelled any better and everyone was very humble about learning more. In a time where a lot of people are very closed-minded, it was very refreshing to be around people who were interested in learning more. I think everybody had their own “AHA” moment at some point during the trip.

Tell Us About How Helpful It Was To Hear Brent (and others) Pour Knowledge and Insights of The Method Into Eager Listeners

Well I think everyone can agree that Brent is highly knowledgeable about the banking concept and his delivery is on point with relating to people in their everyday lives. I have personally learned a ton from Brent, but, he has also been open to my perspective as well. For someone that knows so much about the concept he still has the mindset that he can learn something from anyone.

What Did You Personally Learn or Discover about The Method of Private Financing and Infinite Banking?

I am pretty familiar with the banking concept, but seeing how well it works in conjunction to the trust and foundations took it to an entire new level! The impact that banking has on funding people’s investments and the increase in their overall return to go along with the amazing tax benefits is mind blowing. Not to mention the asset protection. There are three necessities to building wealth…control, flexibility, and tax minimization. Banking checks off all three of those boxes.

What Can We Expect To Get From You as Members Work on their Wealth?

Being in the very same place that all of our clients are when it comes to unlearning and relearning, I am able to teach the banking concept from their perspective which makes it easier to adjust their thought process.

What’s The Money Multiplier all about to You?

At The Money Multiplier we really do have a passion for helping people to seeing the underlying issues in our financial system and also showing people that they don’t have to take a bunch of risk to build wealth. We are well aware of the amount of information out there by large institutions that associate building wealth with risk, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Always remember, building wealth is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Stay patient and keep pressing forward…with a plan of course!

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