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A lot of people have difficulty taking policy loans since they’re concerned about “adding debt”. Policy loans you’re taking from your system do have a variable interest rate attached to them (usually somewhere between 3-6%). But a lot of people focus on this interest owed because that’s what we are used to. Before using this privatized banking system, we’ve had to use a conventional bank for all our financing needs. That includes taking out loans. But your banking system is completely different from the system we’re used to inside these conventional banks. 

What’s actually happening when you take a policy loan

People often think taking a loan forfeits the power to use that money again. But taking a policy loan from the insurance company by putting your cash value up as collateral works differently. This allows your cash value, the entire amount, to still earn guaranteed uninterrupted compound interest and a dividend. 

Even though you are taking a loan and it’s costing you interest, you’ll make more on the money you’re borrowing than you will owe on it. In simplest terms, uninterrupted compound interest is accumulating on the money you’re borrowing. I bet you didn’t think that was possible. And in the conventional bank setting, it’s not. But through the power of your own banking system, it is.

It can take a while for you to wrap your head around this concept. Most people are not used to it. But that’s what makes this system so powerful. You have uninterrupted compound interest working on your cash value even if you take policy loans. And this process of uninterrupted compounding never stops. Never!

Next Steps

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