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What is a Map?/Why is it called a Map?

Most of the time when we think about a map, we are picturing a road map.

Once you’ve started a policy with us however, your interpretation of what a map is and what it represents will be changed forever. With The Money Multiplier, once you have begun your very first policy with us you will be introduced to our Map, a guide to your financial freedom. Our Maps represent the best way to utilize your policy loans to pay off debt, save for new expenses or purchases, or finance your life. Our maps are specifically designed for you using your financial frame of reference and history. We work together to make sure you are going to achieve your financial goals all the while generating generational wealth for you and your family.

Is it just a Budget?

Our maps are not a budget per say however, many elements are similar. Our maps outline exactly how much of a policy loan will be available to you and based on your financial information let you know where it would be wisest to use that money to accomplish the goals that you’ve set out for yourself. The Money Multiplier wants to be able to work with you to accomplish those things that were in your mind when you originally saw the idea of financing your life. Being able to buy a new vehicle/boat/house without using a traditional bank, and being able to use the Bank of You to finance your own life, recapturing all of the interest that would have left your family forever.

Why is this Important?

The Maps are important because without them things can get confusing. Along with being a frame of reference and a reminder for your financial goals, the maps will also detail exactly how much money should be going toward a particular debt at any given time, it will also give you a repayment schedule so you can make sure you are able to make your policy premium deposit the next year. It will outline for you just how long it would have taken your to complete your financial goal the traditional method and show you how much faster your can accomplish that same goal using your own banking system. The maps also showcase when the best time is to start a new policy, making your banking system increasingly more impactful in your life.

What are the Steps to get Mine Going?

As mentioned earlier, as soon as you are approved for your very first policy, our relationship starts. I want to have a personal commitment with you to help you complete your goals from the very beginning. I will regularly check in with you to see if your map needs some updating, because we do realize life happens and you can’t always be prepared for every expense that comes your way. I will update your map upon request and at your policy renewal to keep you it up to date with your new goals as we complete others. My job is to help you understand the machine that you have your hands on and to help it work for you best.

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