Many of you over the years have experienced some confusion with who we are at The Money Multiplier and what it is we teach. And I think much of that confusion comes from some of the other noise in the industry. There are other names out there for what we do at The Money Multiplier. Many of these companies or concepts you hear about do very similar work to what we do, with some differences here and there. But I wanted to take a minute to list them to help reduce some of the confusion. 

This list won’t be completely comprehensive, because I’m sure there are many more companies that even I may not be aware of. But my goal here is to get you in the headspace to be able to decipher for yourselves what’s what and who’s who out there in this big crazy world. The better informed you are, the better financial decisions you will make.

First, I’d like to start off with what makes us different from the rest.

Besides our dedication to creating a specially designed, custom policy that is catered to each individual person according to their needs and lifestyle, there are some other great features you can’t get with just any company you may come across.

The Money Multiplier Method

One of the biggest benefits of getting your policy through us at The Money Multiplier is that we have a Tools Team. They are in place to make sure you’re able to use your policy to do exactly what you need it to do. They are there with you for the life of your policy so they can change/update your map as your life changes. This way, you know you’re always using your policy as efficiently as possible. And did I mention this invaluable benefit automatically comes with your policy at no cost to you? (Read more about our Tools Team here.)

Another great benefit of using The Money Multiplier is that we take a significant cut on our commissions that we earn through the insurance companies we use. The reason for this is so you’re able to use more of your money right away within 30 days of depositing your premium. (Read more about how we get paid here.)

And if that hasn’t wowed you yet, hold on because I’ve got one more benefit for you. With every policy comes immediate complimentary access to The Cash Compound’s digital educational platform, which exists solely to bring more knowledge and awareness to what this concept is and how best to use it. You can learn at your own pace, or choose clips that are most relevant to you. It’s a resource for those who want the most out of their policy today, tomorrow and every other day.

The other guys

So now that I’ve explained what makes us different, let me share with you a few other names of companies or concepts you may have discovered. These “other guys,” at the core, do the very same work we do, but without the more specialized benefits we provide:

  • Infinite Banking Concept
  • Cash Flow Banking
  • Privatized Banking System
  • Family Banking Concept
  • Bank on Yourself
  • IBC Global
  • Perpetual Wealth Strategy
  • Becoming Your Own Bank
  • Circle of Wealth 
  • Perpetual Wealth System

The Money Multiplier Method

Ultimately, it’s important to know that all these systems/concepts should act as your own private banking system. That’s the only way to get in control and stay in control of your life. If you are not the one in control of your banking system, then you do not have the right policy. But we can help!

To learn more about The Money Multiplier or to get started with your policy, please visit Then, watch the presentation that appears.

When you’re ready to get started on creating your financial legacy or if you have more questions, please email us at [email protected] .If you’d prefer a to speak to someone, give us a call at 386-456-9335, and one of our mentors will be in touch with you.