Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris


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Tyler Harris has spent the last 12 years gaining experience in both Financial Services and Real Estate as a licensed agent in both industries. Along the way he stumbled across R. Nelson Nash’s book “Becoming Your Own Banker” while helping his mother clean out her house. He had never seen or heard of the book before then and neither had his mom… Interesting… But nevertheless, he grabbed it and read straight through the night as he literally could not put it down! This was just the spark that led Tyler down the rabbit hole of a financial awakening! Tyler began watching everything he could get his hands on that R. Nelson Nash ever said, recorded, or put to print! Then, as fate would have it, he stumbled across Brent Kesler and Chris Naugle’s material and shouted, “These are my people!” He immediately reached out to Brent and the rest they say is destiny! Or is it history…? 

 Tyler currently lives in Central Florida, is married to the love of his life, Chelsea, and they share 4 beautiful children together. Tyler is an avid reader, more like a ravenous reader actually (currently at about 1 book a week), and is working towards both his CFP certification, as well as his Master of Arts in Austrian Economics from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute in Auburn, AL. 

Tyler’s first love was Real Estate and his second was finance, now through the influence of Nash, Naugle, and Kesler, Tyler is able to marry the two together through the infinite banking concept, while helping as many people as possible learn about and implement the same for their families and futures!