Money (or the lack of it) seems to be a common problem people face. It always has been, and may very well be for quite some time. This is true for many people, including the man, the myth, the legend himself, Walt Disney.

It’s not often that you think of what came before Disneyland, or how it came to be. I’m sure many people assume it came easy and the money just flowed. But there’s an important lesson for us today when we try to dissect the rich history that belongs to Walt Disney and his magical empire, and let me tell you, it wasn’t always so magical.

With only $750 dollars in funds to start his movie company, Walt Disney started looking to conventional banks for a business loan. Not surprisingly, he was turned down and was forced to look elsewhere for funding, or face giving up his dream. 

It was at this time that Disney realized he needed a creative solution and started thinking “outside the box.” He then discovered he could take a loan from his life insurance policy to get the funds he needed to start his company.

His little movie company eventually blossomed into the multi-billion dollar company we know today as DisneyLand. The Walt Disney Company now has annual revenues of approximately $35 billion dollars. 

Walt Disney isn’t the only famous person to use this 200 year old concept to generate wealth. Joe Biden, Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), and Leland Stanford (Stanford University) are just a few more who saw a prosperous future by using Infinite Banking strategies. 

Isn’t it time you saw what possibilities are in store for you? 

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