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So the question is, do your unpaid loans affect your cash value?

And the answer is… no, they don’t! Unpaid loans do not affect your future cash value. (Read this article for a more in-depth understanding of loans vs. withdrawals.)

Your future cash values as illustrated in your Cash Flow Analysis Tool have no bearing on next year’s cash value. (This Cash Flow Analysis Tool is something we customize for you once your policy is signed and funded.) And they’re not tied to how much you’ve borrowed previously. You’ll be getting a new sum of money next year and a new sum the year after that. Borrowing cash from inside your banking system doesn’t affect the compounding of your money. It also doesn’t touch the cash available to you next year either.

unpaid loans don't affect cash value

Pretty amazing right? We have yet to find anything else that allows you to both use your cash value and still have it remain inside your banking system. Don’t forget, while it’s in your banking system, 100% of it is earning a minimum guaranteed 4% interest plus dividend.

That’s the power of The Money Multiplier Method.

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