We all Have Access to the Same Financial Tools

The wealthy just use those tools differently.

Your teachers, parents and grandparents probably taught you what they knew. What they didn’t know is definitely hurting them and is still hurting you…

Freeing Families from Financial Failure

You’ll hear our founder, Brent Kesler, say that all the time.

Around here, we’re on a mission to help EVERYONE understand, make, and keep more of their money… Our environment is educational first. You’ll get to decide whether or not to take action with the information we provide.

Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery

What if there was a map, a guidebook, and a mentor who could give you the step-by-step process to achieving all of your goals?

What if that mentor were always a call, email, or text away? What if they really told you everything they knew? What if you never ever had to write them a check?

Transform Your Financial Future!

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Spend Money → Get It All Back →

Earn Interest → Keep it in the Family

Sounds too good to be true, right?


We thought so too.

All of us. Like, really.

The Method

Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery

“When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.” Wanna see how we break down the mysteries of wealth building?

We’ve broken it down to bite-sized chunks that any high school student can understand.

When you look at what we’re able to build you will see for yourself how unbelievably simple to build an empire of wealth.


The Mission

Freeing Families From Financial Failure

“When I first saw these concepts, I sat on the sidelines for two years because I said to myself, ‘Self,’ this is just too good to be true.’” -Dr. Brent Kesler


Now, the Kesler family and their team have a big vision to help people understand what their parents and teachers never understood about money.

The Magic

Having the right family behind your family

First, we leave the financial jargon at the door. Second, you’ll never owe us any money. Third, if you don’t ever want what you’ve got… we will help get you whole and sell your assets off to someone! All of us around here, from the top down, are actual participants in “The Method” ourselves.


Check Out Our All-New Video Series!

Brent Kesler and The Money Multiplier team educates and demonstrates great tips and strategies on infinite banking.

Be Like Kevin.


This minute and a half video could change your financial future forever. Whether you make $1/hr or $1M/hr this concept will work for you.


If the poor would start doing what the rich do, they wouldn’t be poor anymore.
Warren Buffet

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Will a recession hurt my policy?

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Death to the Golden Rule

Death to the Golden Rule

At what point will you see how the current "golden rule" system has failed you and be ready for something new? You have to ask yourself, “Who benefits from the system the way it is now?” Is it you? Are you getting richer? Or is the system designed to make the rich...

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What is the Face Amount on my policy?

What is the Face Amount on my policy?

If you’ve ever looked at your policy design or even your member portal with your insurance company, you may have come across a term called “face amount.” It’s common for people to think this "face amount" is their total death benefit on their policy. With many...

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Where does my Mapping Specialist come in?

Where does my Mapping Specialist come in?

After completing the application process, signing your contract, and paying your premium, this is when the fun begins with your Mapping Specialist and your policy. This is when the rubber meets the road and you officially become your own Bank. Now, it’s time to start...

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Leaving a legacy with IBC

Leaving a legacy with IBC

Recently, our entire team was reminded of just how significant the legacy piece of our work is. Our focus is most often on the living benefit of these whole life policies, the cash value. But every so often we get somber news that brings a whole new reality to what we...

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What about my term insurance?

What about my term insurance?

We get a ton of questions about term insurance. It’s a popular subject in the personal finance space. “Should I keep my term insurance?” “Should I buy some term?” And my answer is, “That depends.” Term insurance is a great life insurance policy. Many of our clients...

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Member Success Stories

Brent and Terri have become part of our family over the last few years as he shared his knowledge of Infinite Banking Concept and Private Family Financing with us. We feel very blessed to have them be a part of our lives.
Sandra Fry - Texas

Brent saved my life! Financial freedom is very important especially in today’s time. If it weren’t for him and his expertise, I would be living below the poverty line! With his help I was able to buy a house, a long lost dream that became a reality!
Samara McKnight - Oklahoma

The concept of Infinite Banking, introduced to us by Brent Kesler, allowed my family to attack our overwhelming debts at a rapid pace. We can’t thank him enough for his financial guidance and thorough knowledge base of the concept.
Tré Kirkland - South Carolina

Brent Kesler is the real deal and he has changed our financial life forever and the legacy that we will leave with our precious daughter and her family and eventual children and grandchildren one day when we “graduate”.
Carly Carney - Colorado

Hannah, Thank you and [Brent] for supporting and educating us on how to manage money via the Infinite Banking System. We are doing well and staying safe during this pandemic and due to our mapping with Jonah, we will pay a car off in 2.6 months vs 6 years. Also, thank you for the book, it arrived yesterday.

James & Marian Camp - Georgia

A few years ago I went on a quest to find financial freedom… As the sole provider for my son & I, I went on a mission to find the best financial tools to create freedom, wealth & legacy for us. Through my journey I was guided to Brent Kesler and his infamous video. I watched intrigued. I ordered the Infinite Banking book during the video. My mind was blown—like how have I not ever been told about this amazing tool before-why don’t more people know about this. The more I learn & more I bank for myself, the more safe & secure I feel. I went from 1 to 3 policies within 6 months of starting my first. In just 2 short years, I’m already experiencing growth, have paid off debt and am in automatic payment plan to pay myself back. I do not have sleepless nights over my policies. I feel truly blessed to have learned about this method. I have opted out of my employer’s matched 401K plan, I depleted my son’s 529 college plan and put the funds into a policy. Watching my money work for me is very satisfying. 

Kristy Albrecht - Illinois

I want to say Thank You for helping me these past few years understand and utilize my IBC policies. Since I began Infinite Banking, I have utilized my policies successfully in a few real estate transactions that have shown exponential growth in my financial health. IBC has become a game changer for me and how I utilize resources that I have full control over to better my life.

Jeremy Huggins - Georgia

After seeing Brent Speak, I did my first policy in November of 2019 and used it to pay off my car and paid myself back with interest. I am in the process of establishing a second policy. At the end of the year I will use the money I borrow against the policies to take a large chunk out of my mortgage and refinance my house and pay the interest that I would normally pay to the bank to myself all while I am still earning interest on my policy. It is basically like having my own bank. Money Multiplier is the safest most productive investment I have ever made.

Paul Marturano - Pennsylvania

“I was in debt, I owed taxes to the State and IRS, I had credit card debt, and a consolidated loan… I no longer owe taxes. I am going to be out of debt by the end of the year. With my Mass Mutual Whole life insurance policy, I can now recapture the money I was giving away to the credit card companies and start paying myself. Infinite banking moves my money so I no longer have to pay big banks. Instead, I pay myself while earning uninterrupted compound interest. Another fact, infinite banking gives me the power to control my hard-earned money.

… I was speaking with Chris on the phone regarding my financial mess. He listened, took notes, and came up with a solution. That was on 7/6/2020. It has been almost three months since my first phone call with Chris, and I am in control of my money. I see a clear path before me paved in financial freedom. Another fact is I have not paid Chris one penny! When it comes to money, Chris is a savant. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and it shows in his webinars, and when you speak with him on the phone…I hope one person reads this and reaches out to Chris. If that person is you, I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Lisa Menconi - California


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