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  • Nelson Nash with Brent Kesler and Hannah Kesler Nelson Nash with Brent Kesler and Hannah Kesler

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    Your Story Matters

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    Empower Others

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    Make a Difference

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We want to hear your story! We would love for you to share how the Infinite Banking Concept and The Money Multiplier has changed your life.
Just wanted to share a testimony of success as a recent client… We bought a new 2023 Tesla Y today with our WL policy and became our own bank for the first time! I’m gonna start paying back myself...
Jake Thorp
We're still on our strategy and it's all going well. Since we set up our IBC policy 2.5 years ago, we've used it to eliminate 75% of our debt load; the only thing we have left is our personal...
Jim Genis
Lightbulb moment! Hey Hannah, after watching all of the little videos on the website-a lightbulb finally went off! I wish I had done a higher amount in my first policy. Rest assured that I will be...

Ashley Freeman
Hi Brent! I wanted to thank you for making this opportunity available for my family and I! No one in my family history has ever made it to a “wealthy status”, and I so much so want to change that!...

John Miller & Family
Hey Brent  It just happened!!  On my first policy, I am about to pull out about $4000 more than I just put into it for premium pua and loan interest !!!!!!!  And this is going to happen every...
Paul Marturano
Chris and Brent, I've been working with Green Point Partners Financial for help with additional investments. Alex Haase and Brook Riley both were very complimentary to you for the great Layette...

Belinda Rowe

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