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Craig Yenni at The Money Multiplier
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Craig Yenni

Early in his professional career, Craig was walking down the path of common financial advice. He had unsettled feelings with the approach, yet carried on with it. The unsettled feelings became reality in 2007 – 2009 with the financial disaster erasing much of what was previously gained.
It was a dilemma. The volatile path he was on was not working, yet he had no idea what else to do.

Along came a fella with an Infinite Banking Concept book written by Nelson Nash. Being a ferocious reader, Craig took the recommendation to read and learn. It sounded great, too good to be true actually. An exhaustive interrogation was undertaken as Craig tried to understand and poke holes in the approach. He was looking for the ah-ha moment to validate how IBC would not work. In the meantime, additional books were recommended to really understand the trap Craig had been in. There was a big ah-ha moment. It was not against IBC but for IBC.

Craig was raised in Nebraska, schooled in Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology, and living in Colorado.

Over the past 30 years, Craig has been engaged in using his engineering and analytical skills to help people in large corporations solve complex technology challenges. These same analytical and educational skills are the key ingredients for how Craig shares his implementation of IBC.

IBC has been the foundation and the way forward to save, control and grow the resources of his personal economy since 2011.

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