Hannah Kesler

Hannah Kesler

Operations Manager & Mentor

[email protected]

I am currently single with a high school diploma and call Daytona Beach, FL home! After graduation, I worked as a Chiropractic Assistant and a waitress. I was introduced to Brent at birth and I have memories of hearing Dad always talking to clients on the phone. I can hear his passion for each of their situations as he explains these roadmaps to wealth. I see my dad staying up until the late hours of the night and waking up before the sun has even started to say hello. I know Dad is the best person to work with because he is passionate, reliable, and you can hear his motivation in the tone of his voice. I know I can trust him, and you can too. He gave me the Nelson Nash book to read one night and I better understood the importance of keeping money within the family and how that can create a long term impact on your family.

My dreams are to design my own clothes and start a clothing business one day. With this wealth management, I know these dreams will be reality sooner than later. I love to travel and music has a huge impact on my life.