Jonah Dew

Jonah Dew

Mapping Specialist

[email protected]

I currently live in Greenville SC and have lived here for most of my adult life. I have been married for one year and have one child. My Bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration from South University and I have used that in banking and Insurance sales.

My first introduction to this concept was in February of 2016 and immediately was attracted to the ability to keep wealth within my family and become my own banker. One of my core values is that God has given us the blessings with have and we are to be good stewards of any wealth he allows us to obtain. Many simply are not educated in knowing this process is available and I’m excited to help spread the word to others.

Brent Kesler believes that all need to know how their money can multiply in our system, and how that can benefit their family and future generations to come. I’m excited to partner with Brent and The Money Multiplier to map out specifically for your family how this system can benefit you. I personally am extremely excited to work with you on showing you a clear way to make your financial stress a thing of the past.