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Dave Ulloa at The Money Multiplier
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Dave Ulloa

Dave Ulloa was born in New York and grew up in California, son of immigrant parents who came to America to live the American Dream.  They were blue collar workers working as a dishwasher/busboy and cleaning houses.  This is where Dave learned the value of hard work and being of service.

At age 12 his parents moved to California so they could live a better life.  Being only 5’ 8” tall and Latino, Dave became a professional basketball player, signing a contract to play in Australia for 5 years. 

It takes a certain type of vision to stay ahead even when the odds are against you.  One of Dave's biggest blessings is to help people stay ahead while they thrive.

After returning home Dave met the love of my life, Yvette Ulloa.  She swept him off his feet and they were quickly engaged and married.  Back in California Dave began his career in law enforcement and joined the dangerous and adventurous streets of the Los Angeles Police Department.  He became a master problem solver.  Using his street smarts and athletic ability as  a “hard charger”  taking any and all calls to serve and protect.  He gained an appreciation for people but also started to become desensitized to people and life.

Seeing the horrible things that people would do on a daily basis this lifestyle started to take a toll on him.  Dave decided that this was not the path that he wanted to take for the next 20 to 30 years.  He made a decision that he wanted things to change.  He was struggling financially, $70,000 in debt.  Which caused a strain in his relationship with his wife as well as health issues that followed.  He was looking for change.  It’s amazing that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

An influential figure showed up in the form of a 6’8” man named Tony Robbins.  Dave started to regain his personal power after so many years.  He started to realize that greatness was inside of him and if he wanted things to change he would have to change from the inside out.  That is where his transformation journey began.

Dave became an entrepreneur and helped build the largest private travel company in the world to 3 billion in revenue and over 2 million members.  This 15 year journey was pivotal in his life as he met Brent Kesler and the Money Multiplier team.  Dave’s  life changed due to the Money Multiplier Concept.  He paid off multiple properties and cars including a Maserati and his parents’ home through this incredible yet simple process.  His life was forever changed ever since.  

Dave has committed to helping people have the same gift of breakthrough in finances that he and his wife experienced through the Money Multiplier.  Dave has a Ministry called Warriors and Queens where he and his wife are committed to teaching couples and singles how to have extraordinary relationships AND build wealth. While changing their legacy and life forever.  He’s excited to join the Money Multiplier family to help transform people’s lives. 

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