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Casey Fry
Application Specialist

Casey Fry

My name is Casey, pronounced Kay-see. I grew up in the Susquehanna River Valley of Pennsylvania and received my bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University. I started my first Infinite Banking policy in 2013 and used it to pay off my student loans. 

I spent some years working at a bank, before I moved to Texas in 2018 and opened my second policy. There, I spent five years working as the Acquisitions Specialist for a Texas State University. In 2023, I chose to change career paths and joined The Money Multiplier to assist other people in starting their own Infinite Banking policies. 

I started the new year by buying a house in Tampa, Florida, where I live with my roommate and a small herd of oddly-named cats. 

I look forward to assisting you in this new journey.

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