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A Home for your Money

A Home for your Money

Think about this: your wealth has to live somewhere. It must have a home.

Let’s take a trip back to your childhood. Think about your family. Your street. Your yard. Your room. But, mostly, picture your home.

Undoubtedly, we all went to school somewhere, had friends around the neighborhood, and maybe spent time at the library or playground. To have a full-life experience, you had to leave your place of residence almost every single day. But, when the sun set, you hopefully had a familiar place to call home.

Now, think about your money. Since money is just a means of exchange for stuff that you need to enjoy your life, you keep it somewhere safe to trade for products and services you enjoy, right? Where does your money live? Let’s compare the three places that most of the money around the world calls “home.”

Pocket – Many people use their pocket, their wallet, or a jar for their money. I dare say that most of humanity keeps their cash or coins somewhere close to them physically, where they can keep an eye on it, and quickly exchange it for life’s goods. Even in America, in the 21st century, this is a common practice. In this case, their money flows to others so quickly, that there is no chance to save or invest any of the wealth. Would you ever picture the wealthy hiding their money under their bed or in a safe in the closet?

House – Millions of people in the Western world keep much of their wealth in the actual possessions they buy. You’ve probably heard time and again about middle America “investing” in their home and the equity they try to accumulate. The average family’s most expensive purchases are the houses that they live in, or the cars that they drive, etc. We are all into creature comforts, and so we do need to physically reside somewhere. For generations, Americans have been taught to invest in their home because of the “evils” of renting, and the near “guaranteed” growth in value of their house over time.

Conventional Bank – Most American families keep all of their liquid cash assets in a conventional bank. At The Money Multiplier, we educate average people about how profitable the banking business is, and how much the Wells, TD’s, and “B of A” big boys are profiting from the money that we all leave there every day. Banking is a massively profitable operation and banks are making anywhere from 400%-1300% on any cash they have deposited into their coffers according to

Now, where do you WANT your money to live?

After teaching families about the wealth that is being created every single day, month, quarter, and year at conventional banks, The Money Multiplier Mentors will open eyes of our members to the advantages of taking control of the banking function in their own lives. What if YOU owned, controlled, and even profited from the banking function in your life? Well, you can, and we are helping folks accomplish that every day, around the clock. When your money has its home in the The Money Multiplier Method system, no matter where you send or spend your money (debt, monthly expenses, or even investments) your money always have a safe place to return “home,” have guaranteed growth, create tax minimization, be recaptured when you spend it, and leave a legacy when you’re gone! Around here, we are having our cake, and eating it over and over again!

Remember: The Three Rules

#1: Pay Yourself First

#2: Pay Yourself with Interest

#3: Recycle and Recapture your Money

When you’re ready to get started on creating your financial legacy or if you have more questions, most questions can be answered by watching this video. Start there and then schedule a consult with my team when you’re ready to begin.


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