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Ashley vs. Jessica

Ashley vs. Jessica

There are two ways to generate income in this world to provide for your quality of life. You can go to work or you can put your money to work.

Do both – and that’s where the magic starts to happen.

To demonstrate this let’s look at the lives of two girl scouts, Ashley and Jessica. They are in a cookie selling competition and the one who sells the most boxes gets to go to Disney World, (and we know how much kids love Disney World!) Ashley’s parents told her to work hard and talk to everyone that she could, not passing by anyone without asking them if they wanted some cookies. Ashley works diligently to sell all of the boxes on her own, not letting a stranger pass without being offered a box. Jessica’s parents tell Jessica to invite five of her friends out for a pizza party and ask for their help. While at the pizza party, Jessica asks her friends to help her sell the cookies so she can win a contest, and of course, with stuffed bellies, they agree to help. At the end of the month when it’s time to tally up the sales it’s apparent that Jessica’s numbers far exceed Ashley’s. Ashley gets upset and accuses Jessica of cheating at the girl scout meeting. However, Jessica didn’t cheat she just recruited a little girl-power to help her boost performance and make her job easier. Long story short, Jessica went down to Disney World to celebrate, while Ashley was at home sad and discouraged because she worked so hard and still sold nowhere near the amount of cookies that Jessica sold. Now, let’s see how these two girls turned out as adults.

Once Ashley and Jessica are all grown up and in the real world…

Instead of selling cookies, they now have real jobs. Ashley took the advice that she learned in school: go to class, make good grades, get a job, give up majority of your time for dollars, and use those dollars to buy nice stuff and maintain your quality of life. Ashley worked HARD at her job, staying late to meet deadlines (instead of being at home with her family,) and going over-and-beyond for her boss to make him look like a superstar. Well, Jessica went to school too, but she remembered the pizza party that she had as a child to help her win her contest. Instead of using her friends she now used her dollars. The picture that school painted didn’t sound fulfilling to her, and that little lesson that her parents taught her ended up filling in the missing piece. Jessica decided that she would work her hours so that she could spend time with her family and use the money that she made to pay herself first, and then later, she took that money and put it to work. She continued to do this for the rest of her life adding to the pool of money that she had working for her each time she got paid. She even paid herself before paying all of her bills.

Fast forward to age 65 and Jessica announced her retirement

Jessica and her husband are now empty nesters and live a very comfortable life traveling the world and enjoying retirement all on the money that she paid herself and had working for her all of those years. Poor little Ashley ended up getting let go from her job (to make room for a younger person,) and had to find a job to hold her over until she turned 70 and retired and even then she was barely making it. Fortunately, she was still happily married, but life wasn’t the same for them. The one missing piece to the puzzle that Jessica discovered was manpower and how to make her money work for her. Both stories are reality for a lot of people. The one thing Ashley didn’t get taught in school was how to get more manpower by paying herself first and then take that money and make it work for them. Your dollars are like your employees, so put them to work and let them start helping you to live like a superstar!

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