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Multigenerational Wealth Building Made Simple

Recently, we drew a compelling contrast between the multigenerational wealth-building success of the Rockefellers, spanning over a century, and the Vanderbilt family's rapid squandering of wealth within four generations. Read the earlier blog here: Multi Generational Wealth Re-Imagined A member of the fourth generation, Gloria Vanderbilt, famously coined the term "inheritors of the golden handcuffs," reflecting how wealth came with burdens and limitations for her generation. This offers a profound insight into human psychology—the Vanderbilts viewed their wealth as a burden rather than a blessing. In contrast, the Rockefellers emphasized diversification, financial education, philanthropy, a strong work ethic, and meritocracy.


Achieving multigenerational wealth is a straightforward endeavor when we blend an abundant mindset with a robust financial foundation and a commitment to educate and empower successive generations. Building and creating wealth is a natural extension of an abundance-focused mindset. Effortless abundance is within reach for each and every one of us. We're here to guide you through a straightforward journey, tailored to your mental, financial, and spiritual state.


The secret to wealth building and retention, harnessed by iconic families like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, Stanleys, and even the Bidens, is now accessible to every American family. This secret is grounded in a solid foundation, aptly named "the machine," which is a cash-rich, specially engineered whole life insurance policy. And before you instinctively flinch, allow us to challenge the deeply ingrained notion that whole life insurance is costly and unfavorable—these misconceptions often make people sprint out of the room when the machine is unveiled.


This foundation rests upon the Infinite Banking Policy,  and we are here to guide families on how to build multigenerational wealth through three simple steps: build, keep, and create. For every successive generation, we can adopt the Rockefeller approach—inspiring, educating, and nurturing future generations to continue adding value through creation and philanthropy.


Build Wealth with the Infinite Banking Concept:


Consider the current state of the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and inflation—money printing and diminishing dollar value have made retirement increasingly uncertain for countless Americans. However, building wealth is simpler than ever. It begins with a conscious decision to understand the mechanics of money and to embrace the role of becoming your own banker. This journey commences by reclaiming and recycling the funds currently paid to third-party debtors. We aim to modify just one aspect of your financial system—redirecting where your surplus money goes. By creating an infinite banking policy you are stacking two guarantees by taking a contractually guaranteed appreciated asset and stacking a guaranteed debt that you have with a conventional bank. This process involves building cash value within your policy and gradually eliminating all debt, allowing you to regain both the interest and principal, fortifying your family's wealth. Our family, for instance, eradicated over $984,000 in third-party debt over 14 years ago, achieving this remarkable feat in a mere 39 months. With increased wealth, the journey then extends to establishing additional banks on 3rd street, 7th street, and so on, much like the prominent conventional banks in your city.


Keep Wealth with the Infinite Banking Concept:


Retaining all necessary funds for significant family expenses—ranging from homes and cars to boats, weddings, college tuition, and business ventures—is achievable through your family's privatized banking system. This empowers you to act as both lender and borrower simultaneously. When a major purchase is desired, simply evaluate current market interest rates, then draw a loan from your infinite banking policy to finance the purchase, functioning as an honest banker. Subsequently, repay the loan over the agreed term you decide. By the end, you not only possess the purchased asset but also the funds used to finance it—an extraordinary outcome. And there's even more to explore!


Create Wealth with the Infinite Banking Concept:


The third phase, which our family particularly enjoys, entails "putting our little green men" to work—money, unlike humans, never needs to rest. In this phase, we strive to keep our money in motion by investing it in opportunities that excite us. When we lend money from our policy to developers and earn interest on these investments, we generate income from two sources: within the policy and externally. This is how Americans can retire with certainty by putting their principal to work and generating passive cash flow. This very approach enabled Walt Disney to build Disney and assisted Ray Kroc in taking McDonald's global.


Educating Future Generations:


The final piece in this mosaic is not merely endowing the next generation with entitlement but enlightening them. This can be achieved by getting started with infinite banking policies in their names and guiding them to comprehend the bigger picture. Teaching them to keep money in perpetual motion through their policies, for everything they own, use, and contribute, is crucial. Our sole regret is not starting sooner. The infinite banking concept and the journey to become your own banker have the potential to forever transform your family's financial future for the better. If applied, the results are extraordinary. Now whether you desire $10,000 per month or $100,000 per month there is a simple approach to building generational wealth. Click here to learn how you can initiate the journey of building generational wealth with your very own specially engineered whole life machine.


Want to dive deeper into this topic? Check out our podcast on How to Truly Create Generational Wealth: Apple / YouTube 


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