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What are the risks of IBC?

Often when we talk with clients, one of their main concerns is “How much risk is involved in IBC?”

And the simplest answer is: None. The policy is 100% guaranteed. The infinite banking concept has been around for over 200 years. It’s proven and time-tested. If you do what we teach, there’s no risk in it at all.

But humans are inherent gamblers. They are so used to investing money in the stock market that they make the mistake of believing that anywhere they put their money has a risk. But this IBC system is nothing like the stock market. 

If you invest your money in the stock market, you are 100% taking on some level of risk. 

But when you put money into a specially designed and engineered whole life policy, there is no risk because it is guaranteed. Not only are you guaranteed not to lose any money. There’s guaranteed growth as well. 

Stop thinking of IBC as an investment. Investments imply risk. What we do with IBC involves no risk. These policies are not classified as investments for this exact reason. 

If you have more questions, most questions can be answered by watching this video. Start there and then schedule a consult with my team when you’re ready to begin.

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