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Never Need A Bank Again - How Long Does It Take?

Revolutionizing Wealth: The Infinite Journey to Privatized Banking

In the labyrinth of financial intricacies, one question reigns supreme: How long does it take to construct a self-sustaining privatized banking system? This isn't just a financial query; it's a pivotal exploration into the very fabric of our wealth-building strategies. Let's dissect our current scenario and dive into why this question holds unparalleled significance.

Presently, as money finds its way into our pockets—whether through jobs, entrepreneurship, investments, or windfalls—the common trajectory leads it to a conventional bank. But what happens next is a revelation. Picture this: you stuff your pockets with hard-earned cash, only to find a swarm of hands extracting most of it, leaving you with mere cents. Why does this happen, and what becomes of your deposited money?

The reality is discomforting. The funds you deposit in a bank become the fuel for other people's dreams—homes, cars, remodels, vacations—while the bank profits immensely, making a staggering 400 to 1300% on every dollar you entrust to them. If this knowledge could change your financial perspective, would you rethink where your money goes first?

Mapping the journey toward privatized banking is a paradigm shift in taking back control of your money, preventing it from being a tool for others' enrichment. This shift doesn't happen overnight. We've been conditioned to relinquish control, assume financial risks, and this has cost us our financial freedom.

Considering that we unwittingly give away more than 35 cents of every dollar to interest, the call to privatize banking becomes a beacon for financial liberation. Imagine granting yourself a 34% raise this year. It's not merely a financial strategy; it's a fundamental change in mindset and decision-making that can set you on the path to financial freedom.

R. Nelson Nash, the visionary behind the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), shares that his family took roughly 20 years to finance everything through their privatized banking system. This includes car loans, vacations, weddings, daily expenses, and homes. This might seem like a long journey, but when the first principle is to think long-term, the power of this approach becomes evident.

The actual timeframe depends on variables like your ability to generate income and your commitment to building and perpetuating your privatized banking system. Nelson was a forester, accustomed to thinking for multiple generations at a time. He foresaw the potency of keeping money in the family indefinitely.

Our family's journey is a testament. Starting over $984,000 in debt 15 years ago, we now handle all our financing needs through our privatized system. The Kesler family has transitioned from financial strain to self-sufficiency. Other clients have achieved this even faster, some in 4 to 5 years.

While Nelson suggests an average American might take about 20 years, remember, if you're reading this, you're not average. You're a part of the 5% who question norms and seek a different financial path. This isn't a conventional journey, but the benefits far outweigh the time invested.

In conclusion, this blog isn't just about constructing a privatized banking system; it's about shifting your mindset, making decisions that lead to financial freedom. It's a journey with obstacles, changes, and hiccups, but it's possible. Success leaves clues, and by modeling after those who have succeeded, we pave the way for a legacy of abundance, financial freedom, and education. Embrace the clarity, make the mindset shift, and set forth on the journey towards financial liberation—a journey that might be the most important lesson you ever learn.

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