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Stop Paying Cash For Cars - Make Money on Every Vehicle You WIll Ever Buy, Drive and Own

Warning: Prepare for a Game-Changer

This revelation has the potential to reshape your life dramatically, but I must warn you, the information I'm about to share may provoke strong reactions.

The Traditional Vehicle Purchase Dilemma

Up until now, you've probably acquired every vehicle through one of three means: cash payment, dealer financing, or leasing. In all these scenarios, you're essentially buying a depreciating asset while surrendering control of your hard-earned money. Of course, there's an unmentionable fourth way to acquire a vehicle (let's not go there), but we won't delve into that in this article.

What if? A Guaranteed Process for Profiting from Every Car

What if I told you that there's a guaranteed method, a process so foolproof, that every car you ever buy, drive, or own could unquestionably make you money? Yes, you read that correctly. What if there was an unassailable way to shift the paradigm? A process where every vehicle you purchase, drive, or own unequivocally adds to your wealth. I understand that it might sound too good to be true, right?

Yet, as the sage Will Rogers once said, "The problem in America isn't what people don't know; it's what people think they know that just ain't so." I've quoted Will's wisdom thousands of times, and still, there isn't a line down the street of people clamoring for this knowledge. So, what's holding individuals back from simultaneously having both the money they pay for a car and the physical car itself? It's the human ego, the reflexive dismissal of profoundly valuable information. Consider this: if you purchase a car every five years from the time you start driving at 16 (as in most states) until you stop at 76, you'll have owned 13 vehicles. If each vehicle costs $25,000, that's a whopping $325,000 you will have spent on cars. How would you like to have $325,000 in your bank account alongside all 13 of those vehicles?

Leveraging Your Infinite Banking Policy for Car Purchases

You can achieve this, and here's the straightforward roadmap:

Step 1: Set Up Your Infinite Bank for Cars

Begin by determining the type of car you wish to purchase and adhering to the first law of wealth: pay yourself first. Once you've made your decision, shop for slightly used or new vehicles, whichever suits you. Find a car that excites you and ascertain its market value.

Step 2: Explore the Current Interest Rates

Once you've established your vision and the amount required for your dream vehicle, visit a site like to investigate auto loan rates and identify the prevailing interest rate.

*Similar to Infinite Banking, where uninterrupted compound interest is vital, understanding car loan interest rates is important. This step provides confidence in making an informed decision and promotes the broader goal of enhancing your financial situation through Infinite Banking concepts.

Step 3: Create Your Infinite Bank for Cars

As your savings grow, initiate the process to open a specially engineered infinite banking whole life policy aligned with the financial needs of your new car. Keep in mind that this will be the first time you've ever bought a car and gotten back all the money. Open the policy, visit a few dealerships, and make them a cash offer slightly below their asking price. You can say, "I understand this is less than your asking price, but I'm ready to make a purchase, and someone will accept my offer." Ensure you don't skip the final step.

Step 4: Recapture Every Dollar Spent on the Car

Devise a plan to repay your  (infinite banking policy loan), equal to the amount you paid for the car. Establish an automated loan repayment plan back to yourself. Once your policy reaches its efficiency year, you'll begin making money on every future car purchase. As an example, consider our teammate, Devin Burr, who is set to earn $111,000 on the Porsche 911 he purchased. Don't get caught up in the particulars; this process applies to any purchase, whether it's a Ford Focus or a Ferrari.

Imagine this new reality: how does it feel to own the car you've always wanted while preserving all the money within your family's grasp? Click here  to embark on the journey to buy every car you will ever drive, own, or buy, just like the wealthy do.

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