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Seed, Time & Harvest Using the Money Multiplier Formula

Searching for a way to multiply your money?

Looking to amplify your financial resources? Access our Money Multiplier Calculator for an accelerated path to wealth expansion.

Frequently, when I interact with individuals or provide them with my email, their common response is, "I need to multiply my money!" I believed I was following the right path—working diligently, reinvesting in my business, acquiring rental properties, and exploring various monetary investments. However, the desired growth wasn't materializing. It led me to question if there was an alternative way that the wealthy were utilizing to generate gains that eluded me. That's when I stumbled upon a revelation: why reinvent the wheel? Let's delve into the strategies employed by banks and the affluent.

Banks accumulate deposits from the public (you, the depositor) and are obligated to maintain a portion of their deposit liabilities as a reserve in liquid assets. They then have the liberty to lend the remaining amount to borrowers. The Money Multiplier serves as a measure of the maximum commercial bank money that can be generated in a fractional-reserve banking system.

Did you know that banks allocate a significant portion of their assets to Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)? This investment choice remains a preferred option for numerous banks, with 3,153 banks nationwide reporting cash surrender values on their regulatory filings as of June 30, 2023. Notably, 64.6% of banks across the country with assets ranging from $100 million to $1 billion currently possess BOLI. Conventional banks own approximately 182 Billion dollars of life insurance.

Consider how Doris Christopher kickstarted Pampered Chef, how Ray Kroc sustained McDonald's growth, and how Walt Disney secured funding for DisneylandAre these individuals and institutions making foolish decisions, or do they possess insights that elude the rest of us?

Upon discovering this concept, it took me two years to take the plunge. I berated myself every day for that delay. Those two years represent precious time during which my money could have been multiplying, and the efficiency of the concept continues to improve over time. Learn from my mistakes and simply initiate the process to unlock the power of uninterrupted compound interest. Even if you start with a small step, just get in the game. We have incorporated the Infinite Banking Concept into a straightforward, user-friendly plan that is easy to comprehend and implement.

Step 1: Visit our website to access the live event calendar or view the recorded 90-minute presentation.  Immerse yourself in the Infinite Banking Concept. Jot down your questions and envision how this concept could manifest in your life.

Step 2: Arrange a strategy call with one of our Money Mentors to address all your queries. Our entire team incorporates this concept into their own lives. After all, how can you effectively teach something you don't practice yourself? Click here to plant your money and speak with a money mentor directly.

Step 3: Let our dedicated team guide you through the Money Multiplier process. This is our sole focus. We are fully committed to the Infinite Banking Concept, devoting 100% of our efforts to it. 

Step 4: Implementation is key. We are here to instruct you on utilizing the new calculator you've acquired. Once your policy is in effect, we'll have a meeting to discuss its practical application in your life. We'll continue to provide ongoing support, ensuring you harness the full potential of the calculator. 

Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can best assist you.

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