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A 10-Year-Old's Perspective on IBC

At the end of the day, you want to avoid losing money. But the simple fact is, no one has ever lost money with one of these IBC policies.

Basics of Banking

If you simply mimic the basics of banking, and you learn how to leverage money the way they do, you’ll be able to maximize the growth and potential of your banking system.

Budget Like The Professionals

The mathematical and mechanical portions of what we teach may be no surprise to you. We often discuss what The Money Multiplier process is and how to use it to your advantage. But a key piece of the equation for success lies in addressing human behavior....

Can my banking policy help me retire?

When its time to retire, we like to introduce the concept of SLIRP or Supplemental Life Insurance Retirement Planning. Your banking policies, in addition to all the other benefits they offer, can absolutely help you fund your retirement using this...

Get Started with Infinite Banking Concept

The Money Multiplier team is here to assist in getting started with the infinite banking concept. If you are ready to become your own banker, get started with The Money Multiplier today.

Goal Setting in 2018

“New Year, New Me.” We’ve all seen this year after year, but what about “New Year, New Millionaire!?” In addition to setting those weight loss and career-related goals, let’s remember to set some financial goals for 2018 and accelerate the journey...

Leaving a legacy with IBC

Recently, our entire team was reminded of just how significant the legacy piece of our work is. Our focus is most often on the living benefit of these whole life policies, the cash value. But every so often we get somber news that brings a whole new...

Mind Your Business

Here’s a few tips on “Minding your own Business.” Tip 1: Your Money is Safe at Home. It’s important to think of “The Method” as the home-base for your wealth-building and the home for your money. Every dollar that you put into your own banking system...

Seed, Time & Harvest Using the Money Multiplier Formula

Searching for a way to multiply your money? Looking to amplify your financial resources? Access our Money Multiplier Calculator for an accelerated path to wealth expansion. Frequently, when I interact with individuals or provide them with my email,...

What is the Face Amount on my policy?

If you’ve ever looked at your policy design or even your member portal with your insurance company, you may have come across a term called “face amount.” It’s common for people to think this "face amount" is their total death benefit on their policy....

Why do I Need to Take a Loan?

“I have no debt. Why do I need to take a loan?” Remember, you’ve got to think like a banker. A banker looks at loans as assets, not liabilities. As consumers, loans take money out of their pocket. As a banker, loans put money in your pocket. You own...

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