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Advantages to Becoming Your Own Banker

It’s no wondering the wealthy have been using this method of becoming your own banker for hundreds of years. And all these benefits are available to you, too!

Am I Charged Interest On My Policy Loan?

When you think about taking out a loan of any kind, your brain automatically thinks, “what’s the interest charge?” Well, let me explain how mutual whole life companies do things a little differently when you take a loan from your policy. From day 1,...

Guaranteed Growth Within Your Banking Policy

Happy New Year! Let’s all hope that 2021 has better things in store for us all than 2020 did. But even if it doesn’t, rest assured that you have a Money Multiplier policy. And your money inside your banking system is safe and sound, with a minimum...

Leaving a legacy with IBC

Recently, our entire team was reminded of just how significant the legacy piece of our work is. Our focus is most often on the living benefit of these whole life policies, the cash value. But every so often we get somber news that brings a whole new...

The Spread

Banking is rarely taught from the perspective of the bank. In most of our education, we learn how to use banks from a consumer perspective - our perspective. While that is helpful, it is also good to know how the banking system works to become a very...

Where’s My Money?

Ever feel like you’re working wayyyyy too hard for how much money is actually in your bank account? It’s so true that “there’s more month at the end of the money” for so many people in our world. We’re here to tell you where the money went. A typical...

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