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The Wealthy Have More Choices - Policy Loans

Today, our focus shifts to one facet of the the Infinite Banking Process. But first, let's delve into the concept of "the machine." This machine, which we employ to craft a specially engineered for you whole life policy through a mutually owned contract,...

A 10-Year-Old's Perspective on IBC

At the end of the day, you want to avoid losing money. But the simple fact is, no one has ever lost money with one of these IBC policies.

A Home for your Money

Think about this: your wealth has to live somewhere. It must have a home. Let’s take a trip back to your childhood. Think about your family. Your street. Your yard. Your room. But, mostly, picture your home. Undoubtedly, we all went to school somewhere,...

Advantages to Becoming Your Own Banker

It’s no wondering the wealthy have been using this method of becoming your own banker for hundreds of years. And all these benefits are available to you, too!

Basics of Banking

If you simply mimic the basics of banking, and you learn how to leverage money the way they do, you’ll be able to maximize the growth and potential of your banking system.

Beware of the Hype of Zero Percent Interest

As advertised on Ford’s website, you can purchase a 2017 Ford Fusion with 0% APR for 72 months plus 1,000 trade assist and then there’s a link to a “disclaimer” right below it which basically reads not all would qualify and deals subject to approval...

Control Freaks Welcome

When it comes to insurance, you may think it’s a pretty dry and boring subject. But when I tell you that the type of insurance company you choose can potentially determine whether you become a millionaire or continue to live paycheck to paycheck, your...

IBC: The big picture

When many people first learn about Infinite Banking (IBC), they think of all the immediate things it can help them accomplish: paying off debt, buying a car, etc. But there is SO much more to it than that. If you change your perspective, you’ll see...

Multigenerational Wealth Building Made Simple

Recently, we drew a compelling contrast between the multigenerational wealth-building success of the Rockefellers, spanning over a century, and the Vanderbilt family's rapid squandering of wealth within four generations. Read the earlier blog here:...

Save while you spend on holiday purchases

Can you believe it’s November? The holidays are creeping up so fast. Where has the time gone? When it gets close to the holidays there is something on all our minds… MONEY. Bonuses, presents, holiday activities, vacations, visiting family, turkey,...

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